Episode 2: Frani Matthews

Titled “Celebrating Life When Things Are Small,” Frani shares her lessons she learned along her journey of becoming an artist. .
The podcast will be out on iTunes later this evening if that’s how you listen!

Awe man, they’ve been doing this for two years and they’re doing so great, and I’ve also been doing this for two years, and I’m not doing great. .
And this was very self defeating for me. And from that space, that pain that I had, in that moment, kind of bore the idea of treasuring the moment and celebrating life when things are small.

When you’re not in that big, I don’t know, famous so to speak. When you don’t have all the likes and all the followers and all the comments and the great engagement and you know, the e-course, and the Skill share course, and all that going on.

The people who are are there and doing that, they were once where you are. And so, treasure that time, because it’s never going to be smaller than this if you keep going.”

You can find her on Instagram @authenticfrani !

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