The Host: Nihel Ayari

Hello! I started this podcast to explore what it takes to reach self-actualization. I have been a seeker all of my life. Seeking truth, wisdom, insight, and a deeper meaning to everything. 

I was hungry for universal knowledge, as if there was a manual for how to live a good life that I was never given access to. That, and as a cruel prank, mysterious and mischievous beings hid it somewhere in the world for me to find.

Naturally, I became an avid reader of the self-help and self-improvement literature. On my good days, these “self improvement” resources would leave me feeling empowered and unstoppable. But on my bad days it would make me feel worthless and that my dreams were forever beyond my reach.  

I searched for perfection; body, mind and soul. And just like a fad-unrealistic diet, this mentality didn’t help to me create real, lasting change that I wanted. 

I was a ship without a helm, riding the waves between inspired peaks and hopeless troughs. 

I did finally have an “aha” moment. Not the typical, Hollywood version of an ‘aha” moment but the slow blooming of understanding that takes years to develop in your heart. 

It was formed by the imperceptible slow-stacking of stories and lessons that I have collected from artists, entrepreneurs and creators over the years. 

But it wasn’t just that. Acquisition of wisdom is one thing and proper integration of wisdom is another. There is a huge difference from knowing truth and living truth. 

The countless hours that I’ve spent writing and reflecting in hundreds of notebooks of various shapes and sizes moved me closer to this impeding ‘aha’ moment. But the most crucial piece, the one that beautifully stitched every insight together, was conversing about wisdom.   

I have been shaped by the meaningful conversations that I have witnessed or engaged in. 

The friends and the peers that have generously allowed me to discover myself through the process of letting the words fall sloppily out of my lips and incoherently into their ears, has enabled me to experience micro-‘aha’ moments that have compounded over the years and manifested into this soul project of mine. 

It is based on the crumb of wisdom I have discovered over the years, the diamond in the dust. One word; become. 

It is the gentle, loving word that the universal force whispers to us all, as we eat, breathe and sleep. 

Every being, every creature.  Become. Become. Become. 

I have no doubt that great conversations evoke and accelerate our own becoming. Whether we are personally engaged in them, or we are lucky enough to witness them. 

And we are lucky enough to witness them. We live in privileged times, my friends, where the living geniuses of our time are only keystrokes away.  We can glimpse into their inner worlds by overhearing a meaningful and intimate conversation, reach into that world, pluck moments of brilliance that we want to keep and plant into our own gardens, letting their radiance transform our lives. 

This is what I hope to bring to you, meaningful conversations, moments of brilliance, that transform both the speakers and the listeners. 

I hope you will join me. 

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